How do you decide? We can help.

What makes you unique? Is your community falling behind? Where are the best areas to focus your limited resources? Are the national trends happening in your community? Or is there a burning issue or concern you don’t feel confident addressing without solid, objective support?

It’s hard to keep up.  Everyday there’s another news report or storyline about how the economy is shifting, and it’s tough to know exactly what it all means for you.

We can help. We can increase your understanding with unbiased and clear analysis of your community. We’ll cut through the confusing tangle of meaningless data and opinion, to provide you with well-organized, targeted analyses specifically matching your needs.

You’ll gain the power and confidence to make informed and knowledgeable decisions.

Maybe your community isn’t the same as every place U.S.A

Most experts and the media treat the economy like its one big homogenous machine, following the same trends and facing the same problems.  Your community is thrown in with thousands of others to make for an easy headline or simple one-size-fits-all solution.

As an economic developer, Chamber of Commerce professional, or community leader, you already know your community is unique. And from where you sit you probably have a pretty good gut-feeling that your community has its own distinct characteristics and developments.

Knowing precisely what drives your economy and what sets it apart offers you a powerful competitive advantage.  SYNEVA Economics can give you the knowledge and confidence to make informed and educated decisions-tailored specifically to your unique community.  You will discover the distinct attributes of your community that can be leveraged to your organization’s advantage. And you will have the freedom to focus on those areas where you can make the biggest difference.